Leather wax

protective wax for leather surfaces 

Leather wax is a maintenance product for furniture, shoes, and leather goods that acts as a protective film on leather skins. The material thus protected will resist better to rubbing with clothing, for example for the seats of sofas or armchairs. Leather wax can be applied on any type of leather, however we recommend that you test a small area before starting a larger project. Unlike waxing, leather wax is colorless and allows the treatment of surfaces without altering the color.

moisturizing and nourishing leather wax

Beyond protecting the material, leather wax is also used as a nourishing agent. Its composition allows to hydrate and softens the leather in addition to protecting it. After leather dyeing, on shoes or furniture, it is recommended to apply a wax approximately every three months in order to preserve the brilliance of the colors and the integrity of the leather. Application is easy, rub the surfaces with a little wax and a soft cloth in circular motions.


Leather wax

Leather wax, protects all leather, it’s a professional product to care your leather. Beauty wax leaves a light protective and shiny film. It makes dust just slide off the leather. The spray comes with a hint of citrus. Find this product on leather care kit

Capacity :
  • 200 ml
  • 500 ml

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