On this page you will find everything you need to know to use our products and find solutions to your leather-related problems. Colour, renovate, maintain, repair... Seven themes covering all uses, completed by their implementation... to be discovered!

Taking care of leather

Leather is a material that requires regular care and maintenance. This is essential for this material to retain its suppleness, elasticity, colour and...



A stain on a white leather jacket? Any pen marks on the nubuck sofa in the living room? Any traces of mold on a chair? Any dirt on your favorite pair of...



Give your furniture and clothing a new lease of life. Thanks to these tips for renovating leather, your sofas, armchairs, motorcycle jackets, jackets...



Make leather look like new again

Over time, leather can crack, a sign that it has not been sufficiently nourished and maintained. As it weakens, it can even tear. Other everyday accidents...



Did you know that it is possible to change the colour of the leather in your furniture and clothing? With products for professional use and the right...



If not regularly maintained, leather tends to tarnish, lose its shine and colour. This applies not only to your furniture, in which you sit on a daily...



All about the world of leather

Dive into the history of leather, from its creation to its various uses. Leather is a material that has accompanied man since the dawn of time. It holds an important place in our lives and taking care of it has become an art.