Leather jacket cleaner

When to clean leather jackets?

Cleaning leather jackets are an important part of keeping your garment in good condition. Leather jackets are generally made with thick leathers such as cowhide leather. Motorcycle jackets, aviator jackets, or Perfectos are less fragile because they are generally made of pigmented leather (see coloring the leather).

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Leather brush

Silk bristle cleaning brush, to be used with leather soap or leather cream.

Leather cream

The leather cleaner (200 ml) cleans dust and traces of damp, the leather cream (200 ml) hydrates...

Leather cleaner

A leather cleaner is a best cleaning leather, is doesn’t require rinsing. Ideal for car leather...

Microfiber cleaner

Powerful fabric cleaner. Removes oil stains, chewing gum, grease, glue, old dirt, on any fabric,...

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