Car leather cleaner

When to clean your leather car?

We would recommend you to realize the leather car cleaning as regularly as possible. It is, from all the examples you will find on our site, the cleaning of car seats that have to be made the more often. Your leather suffers a lot in a car because of the temperature changes, sun exposure, and the humidity. All these factors plus the frictions of your body and the seatbelts are damaging your leather very quickly. That’s why it is really important to do leather car cleaning. We would recommend you to clean your leather every month. You need to realize the cleaning of your leather and also, re-hydrate it to give it an extra-strength.

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Leather brush

Silk bristle cleaning brush, to be used with leather soap or leather cream.

Leather cleaning kit

Specially designed to give you the best solution for cleaning your leather. This kit of leather...
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Leather cream

The leather cleaner (200 ml) cleans dust and traces of damp, the leather cream (200 ml) hydrates...

Fabric care kit

This kit contains all the elements for cleaning alcantara, microfibres, and fabrics.

Leather cleaner

A leather cleaner is a best cleaning leather, is doesn’t require rinsing. Ideal for car leather...

Microfiber cleaner

Powerful fabric cleaner. Removes oil stains, chewing gum, grease, glue, old dirt, on any fabric,...