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Why should you clean imitation leather?

If you think that imitation leather is not suitable for maintenance, we will stop you right away! Like leather, this material must be cleaned regularly. Indeed, imitation leather has a protective layer, responsible for protecting the color and material from the passing of time. In addition, this preservation film also allows the material to shine, for a sublime effect. So whether your faux leather accessory is a sofa, armchair, bag, gloves or clothing, regular cleaning helps you extend its life. Cleaning imitation leather is quite simple. In addition to the accessories listed above, use a soft, dry cloth. To start, clean the imitation leather with a special soap, using circular movements and a brush. This gesture avoids traces. Then wipe the soap with the dry cloth. If you have never waterproofed your imitation leather before, then take advantage of this interview to do so. Especially if the object is often used in wet weather or in case of rain (shoes, bags, briefcases, gloves...). To do this, use a leather waterproofing agent that also works very well on imitation leather.

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