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When should I apply a leather armchair stain?

You will only apply the leather armchair stain if your leather does not have a leather stain. This very natural process does not give a covering but translucent colour, so if your leather is stained, it will always show through transparency.


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Product manufacturer for maintaining and repair your leathers

We are a French company specialized in the manufacture of products for the maintenance, cleaning and renovation of leather. You will find on our site all our range of leather products. We have pages dedicated to each object, to each case like leather sofa maintenance or leather sofa renovation. We have tried to list all the cases, the different leathers, we will continue to enrich the site with examples of photos and videos to facilitate your work of research and solution.

What is leather treatment?

Many of you are asking us about leather processing. It is a broad question that can include different actions such as:

  • Leather cleaning: very important action in your process, it allows your leather not or no longer suffer the attacks of sebum, various dusts.
  • The maintenance of leather: action which includes the fact of cleaning the leather, of hydrating it and of protecting it, to maintain its leather is the insurance to preserve it of many years.
  • Leather colouring: action which consists in patinating your leather, on a club armchair for example, for aniline or semi-aniline finish leathers. Use our leather dyes, our different fixatives, our patina kits.
  • Leather dyeing : action which consists in pigmenting your leather using our leather paint, application to be carried out on pigmented leathers, such as car leathers.
  • Leather repair : action which consists in repairing leathers using our repairing resins, coloured or not, and our magic alta.
  • Leather renovation: action which consists in restoring a beautiful aspect to your leather, we indicate you which methods with which product to give a second youth to your leather.
  • Leather stains: you will find on our site the different solutions to solve your stain problems.
  • Washing leather: all the solutions to wash your leather according to the nature of their finish. As for leather armchair cleaning

All the above actions are for us leather treatments, it's up to you to choose yours. You can click on each of these titles to go directly to the page corresponding to the leather treatments of your choice.

We have put at your disposal some advices trying to answer a maximum of problem. If you do not find a solution, you can contact us via our form or by using our leather diagnosis tool.

Our leather shampoo, leather cream and leather repair products are developed and manufactured in our workshop. We are able to make custom colours such as leather paint or coloured repair resin. Many professionals have been working with our products on a daily basis for more than ten years. Do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy your visit...

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