Car leather restoration

How to carry out a car leather renovation?

Renovation of car leather is very simple, see the simplest leather repair you can find on our website. Auto leather is a pigmented leather (see the different leather finishes on: colour the leather). You will notice that it is a solid color, if it is not the case your car dates from years before 1960, if it is the case I invite you to go to the page: auto leather repair. As a general rule, the renovation of the car leather is done on the driver's seat on the left side (side) it is the most stressed part, but you can choose to repair your leather seat in its entirety or even the entire interior of the vehicle.

Car leather restoration | Refurbisher for car leather

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Leather degreaser

Use a Grease removing stripper, preparation product before any color leather. order this product...

Leather glue

Glue for leather allows you to paste tears. Paste any type of leather

Matt leather varnish

The fixatif is a product for protects your color and leather, the fixative is much more powerful...