Leather refurbishing

What is leather renovation?

This page deals with the renovation of leather in general, without distinction of finish. Indeed, there are different ways of renovating leather and different products to achieve this, depending on the nature and finish of the leather. To determine the finish of your leather, we invite you to visit our leather coloring page. Leather is a very resistant material. You can keep a leather sofa or armchair for many years with regular maintenance. Often it is not the leather itself that degrades but its finish, its color, or all the other materials of which it is made: the straps, the springs, the foams. The foams under the leather seats sag, causing creases and premature wear of your leather. By following our advice you will be able to renovate a sofa or car leather efficiently. It is better to renovate a leather sofa than to change it for a new one. Indeed, by renovating the leather of your sofa thanks to our professional quality products, you will save a lot of money.

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Leather tear kit

This kit can repair and brown leather . Using this kit, you repair addicts , holes , leather...
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Leather degreaser

Use a Grease removing stripper, preparation product before any color leather. order this product...