Leather paint

Find the right method to paint your leather

Painting leather is the most simple method that you can choose. You are going to use a leather paint very covering. With this product, you can change totally the color of your leather swap from black to white for example. You could also hide the leather stains. This leather painting is found on motorbike jackets, couches, car leather, or some bags. There are different finishes of leather. To recognize them, check out our page: dye your leather.

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Leather degreaser

Use a Grease removing stripper, preparation product before any color leather. order this product...

Primer coat PH53

Primer to prepare your slices for colour application. Thanks to the primer you will apply fewer...

Top Coat matt

This top coat or finishing varnish allows you to matt the edge dye of your leather bag, and to...

Matt leather varnish

The fixatif is a product for protects your color and leather, the fixative is much more powerful...

Top Coat shiny

This top coat or finishing varnish allows you to add a shiny effect to your edge, and to...