Satin leather varnish

It is imperative to apply the fixative to protect your leather dye or leather paint, this one gives your satin leather. He adds and improves the feel and texture of leather, it has a very soft, silky smooth, very natural and very attractive to customers.


The fixative is aqueous composition, it is very easy to use. It is essential to apply a leather clean. Apply with a cloth, sponge or spray. Do not rely on the leather, you can use a hair dryer to speed drying. Wait at least 6 hours.

This product is not hazardous according to EEC Directives. This product does not release into sewers or in the wild.

Satin leather varnish

The fixatif is a product for protects your color and leather, the fixative is much more powerful than a waterproofing leather example. It is much more resistant to wet and dry friction.

200ml = 1 armchair or 1 seat auto.

500ml = 1 sofa or 2 seat auto.

1000ml = 2 armchairs more 1 sofa or complete interior auto. 

Capacity :
  • 200 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml

Free delivery for orders over 250 dollars. Order treatment under 48 hours.

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