Leather degreaser

stripping leather surfaces before staining

The leather stripper is used before the realization of a leather coloring. This cleaning product removes dirt in-depth as well as the varnish film that protects the color of your leather. The material once stripped bare will be able to be colored more easily. The leather stripper can therefore be characterized as a powerful cleaning product for leather surfaces.

Leather stripper to renovate your leathers

The use of the leather remover must be done with care, however, before scrubbing your leather surfaces, make sure that the product reacts correctly with the material. To do this, apply the product on a small, invisible surface of your furniture, shoes or leather goods. The effect is immediate, the surface is completely polished and the leather almost regains its natural state. It is therefore perfectly ready to be stained, colored or varnished again.


Soak a cloth, cleaning without rubbing in circular motions. Wipe with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary. Allow to dry. When used on patches of sebum, repeat the operation until the touch returns to normal (disappearance of the "candle effect").

R11 - Highly flammable. S3 - Store in a cool place. S9 - Keep container in a well ventilated area. S16 - Keep away from flame or sparks. - No smoking. S33 - Avoid accumulation of electrostatic charges. S35 - Do not dispose of this material and its container in a safe way. S43 - In case of fire, use water spray, foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide. Do not use a heavy water stream. S51 - Use only in well ventilated areas. S59 - Refer to manufacturer / supplier for information on recovery / recycling. Keep out of reach of children. Use gloves. F Highly flammable.

Leather degreaser

Use a Grease removing stripper, preparation product before any color leather. order this product if you want to color in all tranquility.

Capacity :
  • 200 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml

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