Leather putty - Magic Alta

Extremely high performing repair of torn, holed or burnt leather. The MAGICALTA corrective paste or mastic enables the repair of leather after a burn or any type of hole. It acts as a filler, filling a hole in the leather of a maximum diameter approximately the size of a 2 Euro coin.

This leather product, once dry, is as supple and flexible as the leather. Colour free, it requires colouring once it has dried. Depending on the type of leather, you can choose between three colouring products: coloured corrective resin, Resicolor, colouring balm. Apply with a spatula or knife. Fill the hole. Allow to dry.

This product is not hazardous according to EEC Directives. This product does not release into sewers or in the wild.

Leather putty - Magic Alta

Magic Alta – Repairs leather after burns, tears and any type of hole. Repairs torn or pierced leather.


Free delivery for orders over 250 dollars. Order treatment under 48 hours.

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