Fabric care kit

This kit contains all the elements for the maintenance of alcantara, the maintenance of microfibres, the maintenance of fabrics, the cleaning of alcantara, the cleaning of microfibres, and the cleaning of fabrics (fabric cleaner, stain remover, cleaning cloth part).

Apply the fabric cleaner to the most difficult tasks (oil, chewing gum, glue, old dirt,...). Wipe with the cloth. With the help of a glass make circular movements by pressing, this creates a suction cup effect and you will see the dirt rise against the walls of the glass, suck or wipe. Spray Anti-Staining Waterproofing Agent on clean or new fabrics at 30 cm to protect them.

Please go to the product sheets contained in this box: the waterproofing and fabric cleaner.

Fabric care kit

This kit contains all the elements for cleaning alcantara, microfibres, and fabrics.


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